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erynnem22 asked: Sherlock gauges the quality of his blowjobs by the tone of John's 'yeah's during sex. The breathy 'yeah's mean he needs to suck harder and use less tongue. The guttural 'yeah's mean he needs to slow down or John will come too quickly. The repetitive 'yeah's mean he's doing quite well and should keep on just as he is. But his favorites are the 'yeah, just like that's which he only gets when he's found the perfect rhythm to slowly build John's orgasm to an explosive peak.


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Anonymous asked: "He doesn't remember you," Mycroft says to John after three years of thinking that Sherlock's been dead. "What do you mean he doesn't remember me?" John asks shocked and saddened. "He was captured by a remnant of Moriarty's web, they'd stopped keeping tabs on you after the funeral so they tortured him to find out where you were," Mycroft explained, "he deleted his memories of you so you'd be safe, so he couldn't tell them anything about you. He did it because he loved you."


oh my gOSH!!!!!! T~T